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Legal Guidelines for Dealing With Revenge Pornography

There are countless stories of jilted spouses and angry boyfriends who have posted pornographic images of their former spouse or partner on universally accessible forms of media. Because of cases like these, an entire new area of the law has become necessary. When you are dealing with an angry former spouse who has engaged in this type of intimidation, you need to hire a good criminal lawyer to protect your interests.

Non-consensual pornography, or revenge pornography as it is called, is the distribution of pornographic images without the permission of the subject of those images and with the intent to harm, persecute or intimidate that person in some way. In modern relationships it is not at all unusual for spouses and partners to take explicit video of themselves and each other for their own private enjoyment. However, when things do not go well in the relationship, it is unfortunately not uncommon for people to post those pictures and videos to embarrass of otherwise harm their partner. If this has happened to you, do not let it simply go by without taking action.

If a victim of revenge pornography publicly complains about the harm that it has caused them, many people respond by saying that it is their fault for consenting to the photos or videos in the first place. The truth is that revenge pornography can do a lot of harm to a person. First and foremost, it must be remembered that victims or revenge pornography are being publicly shamed for engaging in completely normal behavior that is completely legal for consensual adults. The fact is that revenge pornography can cause damage to your personal and professional reputations.When you have been victimized by a revenge pornography case, it can cause significant damage to your professional position and personal reputation.
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While there may be criminal penalties for revenge pornography in your state, it is also likely that a revenge pornography victim will be eligible to file a lawsuit for damages. Often, lawsuits are brought against the people who perpetrated the revenge pornography and even the website or social media platform that allowed them to do it. To learn more about obtaining monetary compensation for your revenge pornography case, the first thing you should do is discuss your case with a local lawyer who is experienced fighting revenge pornography cases.
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Anyone who has been the victim of a case of revenge pornography should be sure to speak to a lawyer who is familiar with revenge pornography law right away. Those who have suffered damage to their reputation and personal and professional losses as a result of revenge pornography may be able to seek damages for these losses in court. To get started all you have to do is search the Internet for more information about revenge pornography law.