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A few days ago, my daily walk tendered quite a bird-watching extravaganza. We’re looking for proposals for long pieces (probably non-fiction of one kind or another – essays, memoirs, reflections, interviews, dialogues – but we’re open to other suggestions) of 4000-6000 words that tell stories that touch on the experience of the sacred in a time of unravelling.mountainmountain

To be selected as an Art Vendor at Mountain Fair, you must meet the following eligibility requirements. By evoking a sense of place and history these gardens will provide hands-on knowledge about the native plant communities and forest types on the mountain. With beta from IFMGA guides Mike Powers and Richard Mansfield, my two America ex-pat partners Matt Anderson and Dan Protz, and I set out for the climb.

The Court concluded testimony late in the evening on March 10, 2016 as to the temporary restraining order entered on February 23. Ruffner seeks a preliminary injunction, as would effectively extend the terms set forth in that order until such time as the trial of the case is conducted.mountain

With them you can easily get to know the real deal of mountain climbing, you could have a chance to have an actual climbing session with a professional instructor who will teach you all the basic things and the advanced approaches you should learn in mountain climbing.

A mere two-thirds mile into the hike, the trail passed over the fairly flat summit of Dobie Mountain. The 2017 Mountain Fair poster and t-shirt design were created by Riley Hutchens (). The tantalizing views that surrounds mountain top creates a feeling the hiker has finally conquered the world.