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A Virtuoso travel advisor can secure special benefits that you can’t get on your own, such as complimentary breakfast, spa credits, and upgrades at hotels. It’s why Trip Advisor deemed us one of the top ten adventures in the entire world”. Travel Health Advisor provides professional travel health advice to doctors, pharmacists, pathologists, corporations, government departments and travel agents. But don’t just take our word for it, below is a list of recent news stories detailing the advantages and benefits of using a travel agent.

See the personalised Travel Health Reports and Fact Sheets for further information. The point is, if you want the whole truth—both good and bad—you go to Trip Advisor. He would not travel anywhere without his American advisor and felt very proud that he had one assigned to advisor

Yes, travel review sites are increasingly being used to positively influence the travel decisions of many people across the globe. Trip Advisor’s consumer review process is widely recognized as the least biased, most trustworthy voting system for picking the best travel activities.

You will find that your travel advisor adds value to even the simplest of reservations and the experience of working with him/her is a great joy. I must agree that Trip Advisor has a great way of ranking the businesses which give the Travelers a great way to find the hot spots in a given area.

Travellers are reminded to be in date for Yellow Fever vaccination for travel to Cote D’Ivoire and other Yellow Fever endemic countries. Many travel health clinics and other authorities also are failing to provide the same up to date information as provided by the South Australia State Health advisortravel advisor