Climbing Mountains Of Success

For over thirteen years, Hunter Mountain has been the backdrop for Mountain Jam. Make your day into a stay with on-site lodging options including the Kaatskill Mountain Club Hotel, which features studios to suites, a full service spa, and Van Winkle’s Restaurant! Our inclusive approach brings scientists, mountain villagers and local governments together.mountain

At the end of the canyon a steep scramble leads to the ridge and summit of Saddle Mountain. All very dramatic (and great for news soundbites) until we step back a bit to take a longer view. Mountain people are the stewards of sites that have invaluable historical and cultural importance-from temples and sacred monuments to ancient forts.mountain

I’ve never really known” how to operate a limb anyway, and this is not the time to start, except in the most basic of ways; best leave the fine details to the corporeal experts that were me long before I was. It appears not because one is having a fine time scrattling and pecking at the straw which lines the basket.

Often described as one of the great walks in Ireland, Mweelrea is a difficult mountain that asks many questions of those who climb it. But it (and nearby mines) ran out of ore some time ago, and the town started to turn into a ghost town until someone decided to drill a little deeper to see if anyone missed anything of value.mountain

Our education and public outreach efforts have a clear goal-to inspire the next generation of mountain stewards. At the same time she does a bit of college course work while sitting cross legged on a village hall chair, files spread out in a muddle on the floor around her.