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This Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Check back often for the most up to date reports on hours, mountain operations and both current and weather forecast conditions. Last week we observed Quadruple Digit Day, we attended Rutgers Day, and now on May Day it’s time to remind you to revel in our upcoming Spring weather and join us for our Spring Family Weekend, May 19th-21st.

Here you can hike, backpack, mountain bike or ride your own horse, take a scenic drive through the mountains, go camping, stargaze, geocache and study nature. If we assume a 5 day work week, Obama spent 5 months of his presidency golfing (and who knows how much more time on vacation).

Ten minutes of uphill later, I was back at the trail junction and this time took the AT south. I enjoyed the view for a little while before returning to the AT and then taking the junction for the Trayfoot Mountain Trail in the middle of the boulder field. If you have plans in climbing the mountain during summer, best time of the day to start climbing is about 4am up to 5am.mountain

It’s time to do something online that comes closer to the richness of the books we publish (and will go on publishing). I recommend you buy, or the very least test ride, your mountain bike at your local dealer. There are huge combinations of components available when buying a mountain bike.mountainmountain

All it takes is for one to spend time learning about the characteristics of the deposits in the area, the regional geology and then doing some prospecting. My advice here is to go for a full suspension mountain bike, the alternative hardtails may be cheaper, but in the long term the full suspension bikes are more comfortable.