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The Importance of Women’s Healthcare in New Jersey

Women’s health care has been neglected for a long time.It is in the recent years that people have realized that women health is unique and should be taken care of.The health of women and men differ a great deal, and due to the delicate nature of women, women’s healthcare in New Jersey has become an important topic.

Reasons to highlight the health of women

Women are people who suffer from illness that are not only specific to their gender but also one that was thought to affect men only. For instance only women suffer from menopause and for a long time osteoporosis was thought to affect men only to be found that it also occurs in women. Women are delicate as they have to make ends meet dealing with issues like taking care of the house, their career and they also go through childbirth, all which are things that make them more likely to get poor health.
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Osteoporosis condition
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Many women stand a high risk of getting osteoporosis.The condition makes the bone weak to the extent that it could end up breaking.Women were never thought to be able to get this illness.The reason why women are affected the most is because they have small amount of peak bone mass, maximum bone density, and strength compared to men. At the same time, during menopause, women lose estrogen which contributes to weaker bones. Thus, to minimize the possibility of getting this condition women should consume meals rich in vitamin D, calcium, and ensure that they lead a healthy life.

Ailment of the heart

The leading cause of death in women is heart disease.Most people do not know this, but women are highly likely to die of a heart disease within the first few weeks of a heart attack as compared to men.Thus, this is the reason that they should avoid this situation as much as possible.Some of the things that can reduce the chance of getting a heart attack is eating right and leading a healthy lifestyle.


Cancer is another condition that causes high death rate in women.One of the conditions that women dread to have today is tumor growing on the breast.The main risk factors that women will get this conditions are family history and irregularities in the menstrual cycle at an early stage.Other that that, lack of vitamin A, consuming alcohol, eating meals with a lot of cholesterol, and being overweight can also lead to this condition. Thus, this is the reason that every woman should have their breast examined. In case they find they have any change that they cannot explain then they should see as doctor immediately.