Tree House as a New Breakthrough For Lodging Accommodation and Architecture To Holiday in France

What’s on your mind when you get information about tree houses? Maybe what you think is just like a small cubicle in a tree and can only function as a shelter for a short sit. From now on you have to get rid of that thought because the treehouse is not always small and narrow. Already emerging artists and even special architects for tree houses. Abroad like in french already many tree house which serves as a room for guest stay like hotel or inn that you can enjoy with family. You can visit “treehouse holidays France” to find relevant information. There are also tree houses that are used for restaurants or restaurants, and hotels. Many new ideas related to the tree house make this unique building a particular consideration by some people.

Many benefits if we stay or spend a lot of time in the tree house. We get the oxygen directly from trees and plants, fresh and healthy, of course. Thus we will be healthier. In addition, the nature of the tree house will make us avoid stress. As an architect or designer, we can also develop our design science when there are clients who want to build a tree house. Then, what if we want to own or build a tree house?

Make sure the function of the tree house

If you want to build a tree house with a relaxation function or a place to stop, certainly not many things you need to thoroughly investigate. It may not even require a high technique to build it. But if you intend to make a tree house as your private home, then there are many things that need to be learned and cared for. For example about the area, shape, and furniture that will be put into it. The function of the residence also requires the existence of service spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms that require a water utility system. You need to know how the irrigation and disposal systems in your tree house will be.

Determine the concept of a tree house

Just like an ordinary house, tree houses also require a certain identity that distinguishes it from other tree houses. That’s why the concept of building or designing a tree house is still important. The concept of a tree house can also be based on the purpose of building the tree house itself. For example, if the tree house will be used as lodging, of course, the concept will be different when compared to the tree house that will function as child’s play area or as a place to relax.

Choose the right land and trees

If you have large land and lots of trees, it will be very easy for you to determine where the location of the tree house will be built later. Choose a location that gives you visual beauty from morning till night. If necessary, you can create a spacious veranda for your tree house later so you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset from a height. Do not forget to also select the right tree. Select a tree by type and age. The number of trees you must also specify. You can choose more than one tree for a tree house. You can build a tree house on more than one tree. So the tree house will rest on three tree trunks, and that will make the tree house stronger.

Learn the works of the tree house architect

Today there are many architect tree houses that you can meet by looking for information in the media. Already many special architects are ready in preparing the design, build, to arrange the interior of the tree house. You can learn many things through the internet or consult directly with the tree house architect. About the structure of the building, about the use of natural materials and the manufacturer, to about its utility.