Mountain Fair

The December 2006 stranding of three experienced climbers on Oregon’s Mount Hood during a spell of stormy winter weather, which has resulted in one confirmed death and the disappearance, so far, of the other two climbers, is a serious reminder that mountainous terrain is both beautiful and potentially dangerous. Of course, there are things about mountain bikes which aren’t ideal for urban use. There was only time for a short visit but how good to know it is there for next time, for free and open to all. The 4.5-mile Skyline Drive Trail meanders up and down mountain ridges and valleys.

But it was time to move on. Time to take those skills and go find real partners. Some houses need a mountain in front of them to improve the health and well-being of the occupants. On our way back, we trekked the West side of the boulders to see a different view, and it was nice since it was all clear and we can see the beautiful view of Davao City, Davao Gulf and some islands in it.

It passed mainly through forest, sometimes entering clusters of pines or mountain laurel. When I say the world stopped, I mean that I have a very strange relationship to time now. Finally we stood on the saddle which separates Fish Creek to the east and Agua Blanca creek to the west, with Cobblestone in our faces and the escape route up to White Mtn Ridge at our backs.mountainmountain

Historically, we have attributed these physical life changes to time itself taking a merely chronic toll; more lately in our new scientific version we blame it as well on our dwindling personal supply of telomeres, if you want to stick to that. Continuing past the wreckage, the trail made a final switchback in descent before flattening out, following the side of the mountain until it intersected with the Appalachian Trail about a half mile later.mountain

Both of these mighty mountain ranges contain numerous tourist spots designed to provide a full range of activities. Between the base of the mountain and the summit, there is a variety of change and challenge. There is literally thousands of gold, gemstone and other mineral deposits scattered all over North America.